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How to remove tie stains

Published: 25-Jun-2018

For a man, few things set off a nice dress shirt, sports blazer, or three-piece suit like a silk tie. Like most apparel however, silk ties get dirty. Stains from food, drink, or accidents can destroy the tie's look.

One of the moments every tie-wearing guy worries about is spilling food or beverages on your favorite tie. That's because chances are 9 out of 10 that the stain permanently ruins your tie as the majority of ties are made of silk. Silk is a very unforgiving type of cloth when it comes into contact with coffee, Coke or ketchup!

Never use stain remover to clean a tie. As silk is a very delicate material, applying stain-removers will only make matters worse.

The best thing you can do is to take your stained tie to your local dry cleaner and ask them for help. While dry-cleaning will remove the stain in most cases, there is one major downside to it: The shiny look and feel of your tie will be gone, too! Therefore, really make every effort to protect your tie during meals - cover it using a large napkin or remove it if appropriate.

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