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How to look after your shoes

Published: 02-Jul-2018

They say shoes make a man. If you want to add a pinch of perfection to your look, a good pair of leather shoes will definitely do the trick. Whether you are a corporate junkie or a pub-hopper, leather shoes can easily transform your look from morning to evening.

Though leather shoes come across as a long lasting piece of footwear, the daily wear and tear can actually harm them. But don’t worry, here are 6 easy tips which will help you look after your leather shoes.

  • Always use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes. This will keep the backs strong and sturdy.
  • Try to wear your shoes in dry conditions for the first few occasions.
  • Fine leather shoes can require a full day to dry out from natural perspiration. Try to give them at least twenty-four hours between wears.
  • Try to avoid excessive wetting. Should this occur, always let the shoes dry naturally away from direct heat. Use newspaper inside the shoe to help the leather dry out.
  • Your shoes will benefit from regular use of a good-quality cream or wax polish. This helps to moisturise the leather, as well as prevent cracking and excessive creasing.
  • We use leather soles for the comfort and health of your feet. Attaching rubber additions to the sole or heel can affect the balance and comfort of the shoe, and put excessive strain on the construction.

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